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.Wednesday, 7 April 2010 ' 4/07/2010 01:42:00 pm Y
May The Purity Of Evil Have Mercy On Your ROTTEN Souls


Hey again
yesterday night till this mornink...
my long lost frens n I went out on an extraordinary journey
to the EAST side of Singapore
N guess wad ?...we travelled via Bicycles !

yes...we had planned this Night Cycling fer two wks..
All of us met at East Coast Park...
as usual i was late...i came at ard 8pm

we rented our bicycles... ONLY $5 per Night !!!!
before we began our journey...
we bought some drinks n tit-bits fer our " pit-stop " along the way

we travelled from 8PM - 9AM
East Coast Park => Changi => Pasir Ris Beach => Bedok Reservoir => East Coast Park

we made our first stop along the changi airport pathway...
as the route was DAMN long...n i mean LONG !!!
later...had our supper at Changi Village at 10.45pm..
all of us ate the $3 Nasi Lemak

Soon, headed to Pasir Ris..
reached ard 11.45pm
top-up our food n drink stock....
lepak at one pondok near the beach
had some, drink...
n we listen to Misteri Jam 12

Later...headed to Bedok Reservoir Platform
reached ard 4am
dats where we rest fer the night..
had some rest as all of us were really fatigue !!
lepak there also...some slept fer awhile...

at ard 6.30am..we made our way back to ECP
as we were early..we decided to had a nap...n had a shower
den...we returned our bicycles...

a memorable n a one in a lifetime experience...
kena screen by police along the way...saw bapok...tuh la...nik la..
kecoh !!

At Changi Airport route pit-stop:

At Changi Village:

At Pasir Ris :

At Bedok Reservoir Floating Platform :

Back to East Coast Park:

Going Home !

<+ Reen Di'Anno +>

.Saturday, 3 April 2010 ' 4/03/2010 11:48:00 pm Y
May The Purity Of Evil Have Mercy On Your ROTTEN Souls

Heylo again
sry fer the long hiatus
been busy n lazy lately to update my blog...

Todae, celebrated mine n LOVE's 8th Monthsary together
it felt so fast aft being together fer 8 mnths..yeah
although we've been thru many ups n downs
we managed to pull it off together

we think on the positive side...n put all the downs aside
i juz wanna sae sry to LOVE fer my hot-temper-edness
i noe i can get mad n angry easily
but dats my nature

But u noe dat deep in my heart i still love u
dats a promise <3>

So, met LOVE at Eunos Int at ard 3pm..
headed to Marina Square cinema to purchase our movie tickets
commonly, most couples would watch romantic movies fer their monthsary or whatsoever

But as for LOVE n mie...we watched a gore, thrill movie..haha !
we love to watch movies like this..where there are many suspense..!
something out of the ordinary....

As we were quite early before the show starts..
we slacked fer a while at Macd..
Had a Flavour Burst Chocolate ice-cream cone
i had a cigarette or two n window-shopped ard marina Square

Den, we headed back to the cinema to catch our movie !

Aft the show, we went to Aljunied to haf our dinner together
As we're on budget...we had our dinner at Anana's Cafe..
we enjoyed having dinner together

Soon, we spent some quality time together before sending LOVE home

An enjoyable n unforgettable dae with LOVE !

till here then
take good care

<+ Reen Di'Anno +>

.Sunday, 28 February 2010 ' 2/28/2010 10:40:00 pm Y
May The Purity Of Evil Have Mercy On Your ROTTEN Souls

Heylo again
todae went to LOVE's house
attend her sis engagement
actly, i was reali quite nervous in the first place

because i will meet LOVE's relatives n other family members
although i hav met her family, i havn't talk-ed much to them
soo, tis is dae to show

met all her relatives n got to see the Groom's side as well
i reached ard 2+pm...n LOVE introduced me to all her relatives
soon, went to eat...there was buffet...
LOVE n i ate together...

At ard 4pm...the Groom's side reached fer the start of the engagement thingy..
the whole house was fully packed...
they brought ' hantarans' n all those stuffs
read some do'a n prayers...

Soon, it was taking picture tyme...
many pics were taken...n i had to take some pics fer them too...haha!

Once it reached ard 7.30pm, i made my way home
as usual LOVE will accompany mie to bus stop..
i brought home some remaining dishes..
waved LOVE goodbye n headed home

till here then
take good care

+- Reen Di'Anno -+

.Saturday, 27 February 2010 ' 2/27/2010 05:17:00 pm Y
May The Purity Of Evil Have Mercy On Your ROTTEN Souls

Hey again
todae was the Semi-finals of the iTalent competition
My band n i, ' Mistreated ' was no. 5 to perform

My younger bro, me n LOVE reached to Vivo City first via cab
we reached ard 7.10 am to haf our breakfast there
soon, Liwi came...n Mok came aft dat

We made our way to the rooftop of Vivo...where the performance will be held
we settled down, register-ed n haf our soundcheck session at 9+am
later, we had our own free tyme to get ourselves ready fer our show to impress the judges

At ard12pm, it was our turn to perform
it was ok to there was some errors along the way with the song
but we did a great show to the audience..

Aft our slot is done, LOVE n i watched a few more bands before having our lunch together
we had Burger King
soon, i accompanied LOVE home
n i went home to rest to meet LOVE again later in the evening..

Here are some photos fer the day :

till here then
take good care

+- Reen Di'Anno -+


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